Please take it personally...

new story, new plastic engravings, new friends in my shop on etsy...hope you enjoy!=)

Your personal piece of jewelry, your precious friend ... Please take it personally.

Each stone has a story, each person has his own fate, every story has a beginning, each person somehow came into the world.

My next series of engravings in beach stones from sunny Sicily wants you to recall memories and your personal situation, please fill in the story alone, I had something, although I guess, but the jewelry should be as personal as possible for you ...

I hope to become your jewelry loyal friend, though for these is not so much about decorating, but also about you and your feeling.

Beach stone was carefully chosen from many others, hand-machined plastic deeper engraving and polishing in places, but still bears traces of manual work. The face that bears do not belong to anyone, and maybe someone will still remind you. Please keep him happy =)

I will add a silver or bronze chain, size and length of the hinge can be seen in the photographs, or please contact me. Stone is not particularly heavy, it can support everyone

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