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Landscape, earth, soil, forests, meadows, rocks, stones, fields, beaches, deserts, mountains, lakes, water, wind, rivers, streams, trees, shrubs, plants, grass, flowers, insects, birds, animals, man. ...

Earrings made ​​from beach stones collected on the beaches of Sicily supplemented with my meager landscape engraving.

In these engravings to combine my fascination with the sea, rocks, pebbles and landscapes. First of all, seen through from above or from afar.

It is a dream landscape, landscapes all uncertain and yet well known.

These engravings for me are not just jewelry, but the story - the story of the stone and the story of the landscape. I'll be glad if you also commemorate your precious corner of the country.

Most of the work already done for me the sea and nature, pebbles are each slightly different, with their different shapes and drawings, I drill the stones, engraved and sometimes lightly. Are hung on a hook of my own production, as well as adding the anti-slip rubber. Earrings are not particularly heavy, but I recommend for adult ears, due to the length of suspension.       

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