reading the articles from bleggers from the big apple, or other nice busy places, makes me think about my past years in London, where You came homw after a busy fast day, tired, but You feel that You are living and I was so exciting for all what is going around that days, was excited for everything new, and of course, shopping....oh.....shopping in London......uuuuu

but the life is going, time to time I need to move for the next step, time to time I need a fresh air....in this moment it is this beautiful poor island, where it seems that the time has stopped and I´m soaking up the atmosphere, learning the language, exploring the habbits, for this moment I´m full of the new perceptions, but who know.....what will be the next...

oh how I miss my busy life in London, sometimes, now when I´m living on the end of Europe - Sicily (feel like on the end of the world) but than I spend a day on the beach or just look on the lovely antik street under my balcony and I know, that anywhere is the best place for living, just if You feel comfortable with You and Your dearest=)....
Thank You for bring me to the city time to time=)Nat The Fat Rat

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  1. Hello Michaela,

    What a lovely blog. I found you through LOH on Etsy. This post is my favorite- I've always wanted to visit Italy! Maybe one day...

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Laura,
      thank You for visiting here, I am happy that someone can even read it=)(sorry for my english=).

      You definitely must visit Italy and especialy Sicily, take here a long break and deep breath.

      But i am sure, that all the places around the world has something....something special for everyone and something realy personal for each.

      Have a lovely days, Michaela.