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I´m lying on the stony beach on beautiful coast of Sicily. The sea is minty color, sky is light blue, it is so beautiful view today, that I can see all of the Eoli Islands. There is little cold wind today, but You can still feel the hot sun playing on my shoulders. The waves are playing with the stones on the beach and it sounds like a lovely bells song. There are the mountains of Sicily behind me with the natural park Nebrodi, where I´m living. I bought a small house there in a small beautiful old city and there I´m working most of the time.

But I should write something about the beginning, about the idea behind my shop and about how it starts. But isn´t it obviously?

It starts with the passion for the stones, for the small little pebbles, which are so lovely, interesting and special for me. I feel like I´m lying on the beach with many small faces, small friends, small landscapes all around. And since I had bring home the first one I got lost and my obsession start to be serious. Because I studied gems engraving at the art school, I used to engrave the stones for myself and my friends - small arts and decorations for my home and as the ginfts. But because I was working at that time in other job, I did not have so much time to work on and to manage my workshop and to take it more serious.

Than when all the tourists, for which I was working, went out in one winter and my job went asleep I decided that this is maybe the right time to create fulltime and to care about my carrer by myself.

So I arranged my own small workshop, some stuff for working and started working from the early morning to the evening, when I can not feel my arms any more and when I feel satisfied with the stuff I made.

The inspiration comes from all around - landscape, nature, smell in the air, taste of everything I can taste. I´m trying to keep my creations as much natural as possible and the design always clean and simple, that You can feel the first plan designed by nature. When I feel satisfied, I´m trying to take beautiful pictures of them with some atmosphere I love - much offen the seasonal flowers. When I´m happy with them I can offer them here in my shop to You.

Sometimes I like to write something what come to my mind on my blog .
I like the feedback on my facebook.com/mihulli
I´m using twitter and wanelo as well, but I do not like the format to much - wanelo.com/mihulli, twitter.com/MihulliOnETSY
And I definitely love pinterest - I can get lost in it like the games of second life, or the sims or so, where You can create beautiful world all in one place. pinterest.com/mihulli/

In the future I hope, that I will be healthy and that I will have still some nice ideas for new lovely stony stuff.
Hope You will enjoy as well=)

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